• Tamu Tak Diundang4:50
  • Pesta Dansa4:18
  • Senja Dibatas Kota (Bosas)5:33
  • Terlambat Sudah4:04
  • Pangeran Dangdut4:30
  • Kumaha4:06
  • Gadis Baliku3:42
  • Gelas Gelas Kaca4:53
  • Biarkan Aku Menangis3:57
  • Janji Manismu4:35

zona musik application

What is zona musik?


Zona Musik is an android based application that is free for download and contains more than 10.000 songs and video clips. This app is based on subscription system and payment by using telcom credit "Pulsa Charging" which is the most versatile and fastest transaction available nowadays.

Advantages of zona musik?


- ​DRM (Digital Restrictions Management) System

is a technology that is built into Zona Musik app with the aim of limiting its range of uses after a song is purchased or downloaded. User will not be able to transfer file because of the locking code inside Zona Musik DRM system.

- Auto Lock Timer Mechanism

​User cannot download or play music after subscription period is expired.

​- File Encryption Engine

​All the music files that have been downloaded will be encrypted, hidden, and saved with a special extension that can be only read with Zona Musik music player.

​- Fast and Easy Payment

Paying for Zona Musik subcriptions is so fast and easy by using telecom credit "Pulsa Charging" and voucher code to activate subscriptions will be send through SMS.

- Backend Live Report

Label company can check and see their total downloaded songs online and can be exported to excel file.

- Auto Promotion App & Songs through Facebook and Twitter

Everytime Zona Musik app or a song is downloaded, user will automatically broadcast it through their Facebook or Twitter status, complete with the link of that song.

- User Friendly & Quick Response Interface

Zona Musik app is designed for user to easily and efficiently browse songs. Loading and download will be quick because the power of cloud server.

- All in One Complete Application

Zona Musik is equipped with Playlist Editor, Music Player, RBT Auto Subscription, Music Video Streaming, Search Engine Songs, and many other wonderful things.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zonamusiku

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